ZORDAN is a point of reference for luxury brands in the design and creation of retail spaces that are attractive to customers and sustainable from a human and environmental point of view.

Our goal is to become a completely carbon-neutral company by 2030.


Internet data transfer requires electric energy, which creates carbon emissions, and this affects climate change. We are currently working on a low impact website to reduce even here our carbon footprint. This temporary landing page has been designed to minimize the energy consumption and CO2 emissions that results from navigation.


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ZORDAN’s goal is to contribute to the conservation of a world of beauty and opportunities for future generations - this is why sustainability is our first and most important value.

Sustainability 3D chart
LCA map
(Life Cycle Assessment)

The installation that you can explore at the MUSE - Trento Science Museum (New Sustainability Gallery) visualize how, in every phase of the process of realizing luxury retail projects, Zordan applies an extreme attention to every detail, with a view to assessing its sustainability and implementing the necessary actions to achieve the ZERO impact.

Carbon footprint
sustainability trademark on Zordan products

The manufacturing processes of the furniture we produced for this exhibition, have been mapped with our certification system.

We have quantified the total Carbon Footprint (raw materials, production cycle, product use and end of life): the value you see printed is the amount of equivalent CO2 produced and compensated to achieve the ZERO impact.

Can you quantify the environmental impact of your business, of your company, of your products, of your retail network?

If you don’t know the answer, we can help you - CFP (Carbon FootPrint) mapping is a service that we at ZORDAN offer our clients.

Carbon footprint
is the parameter that estimates the CO2e emissions caused by a product or an organization.

There are two ways to rectify your environmental footprint; the easier way is to compensate but the real way is to encourage change.

With Zordan you can make your project greener.

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We certify the Carbon Footprint of a product with an analysis of its entire life cycle, from the raw materials phase to the delivery of the finished product to the retail outlet.

The Carbon Footprint analysis can be used to obtain credits for the following certifications (and we help you by providing all the necessary documentation):

usgbc breeam iwbi

we do it.

Reducing our climate impact is one of our objectives as a B Corp.

Certified B

Zordan is a B Corp. What is a B Corp?

In 2016, we were the first in our sector to obtain the B Corp certification and the qualification of Benefit Corporation. The former is a certification assigned by the non-profit agency B Lab (<5% eligibility), and indicates companies with the highest world standards in terms of social, environmental and economic performance; this is a certification that imposes the legal obligation to take all our stakeholders into account. The latter qualifies the Zordan Group as a profit-making company (therefore taxed as such), but characterized by a higher level of transparency, accountability and objectives.

This legal status is given to innovative for-profit companies, and currently exists in Italy, the USA (34 states) and Colombia. In addition to the production of profits, the corporate mission of each Benefit Corporation also involves the pursuit and creation of value for all the stakeholders involved, not only the shareholders.

Zordan contributes to the achievement of the UNO’s planetary goals.

The B Corp standard (through the BIA - Benefit Impact Assessment tool) was indicated by the UNO as a means for measuring the sustainability of companies in terms of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to be met by 2030.


we do it.

Starting from measurement: the LCA (Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment) analysis.

The LCA analysis guides all participants involved in the life cycle of an object to identify opportunities for radically better circular solutions. LCA is an analysis method based on decades of scientific research that makes it possible to evaluate the sustainability profile of a product, through the measurement of its environmental impact along its entire life cycle (from the extraction of the raw materials used to the dismantling and disposal of the product) and in compliance with all required conditions.


We certify the carbon footprint of a product by analysing its entire life cycle from the raw material phase to delivery to the sales outlet.

The Carbon Footprint Product (CFP) is the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) calculated on the basis of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology according to UNI EN ISO 14067: 2018. The calculation therefore includes both the emissions related to the extraction and processing of the raw materials and those related to the production, transport, use and final disposal of the product. Introducing CFP standards means understanding which of these phases are most critical in terms of their GHG emissions, thus making it possible to implement effective to reduce them.


Two locations, two continents.
Sustainability is multiplied.

Thanks to our local presence in America we optimize the transport of people and goods, reducing environmental impact. Our organizations are united by the B Corp standard, and they share the same mission: to have a positive impact on the world.


The head office in Valdagno, in Veneto, represents the heart of the Zordan Group. The internal staff is made up of nearly 60 internal employees involved in the management and production departments, as well as about 280 supplier partners, who provide specialized wood and metal processing services, and logistics services. This comprehensive production network is coordinated by an internal management system of the whole group, which allows us to respond to all kinds of customer requirements even at very short notice.


Founded in 1994 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Woodways represents a point of reference for the entire geographical area of North and Central America and Mexico, with its comprehensive production department as well as all project management services. The company has 25 internal collaborators and its customer service department includes 5 qualified installation teams, 4 for the USA and 1 for Canada.

We make your stores carbon neutral.
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