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Do you want to quantify
the impact on climate change of
del punto vendita

We can help you with CFP (Carbon Footprint of Product) mapping of the furniture we make. 
Accompanying the most important luxury brands in the process to reduce their impact has become a strong point for us, as well as being a mission that we strongly believe in.
CFP is a representation of the climate impact of a good and represents the sum of greenhouse gases that are emitted during all stages of production, from raw material to end of life.
mappatura Carbon FootPrint
“The experience we’ve gained allows us to guide our clients, important luxury brands, in the design phase of the concept, choosing solutions that minimize greenhouse gas emissions. We like to think that this tool works like a sustainability multiplier, transforming the work of a single person into a splendid team effort”.
Alfredo Zordan, CCO

With Zordan you can make your project greener.

The first step to take to reduce your impact towards climate change is to measure it.

ZORDAN enables you to reduce the environmental impact of your next Retail space in 3 steps:

Zordan CFP tool

Certify CFP of current furnishings.

  • Preliminary review
  • Analysis of the state of affairs
  • 3D design
  • Bill of materials
  • Process simulation
  • CFP calculation

Application of Zordan CFP reduction principles in the production of the current store concept.

  • 3D Design
  • State of the art analysis
  • Aesthetic and functional constraints (given by the client)
  • Internal brainstorming on reduction strategy
  • 3D redesign
  • Bill of materials
  • Process simulation
  • CFP calculation
  • Comparative report

Designing the new store concept from scratch with a focus on climate change impact and style.

  • Creative co-design with the architectural research and development department.
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