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For us being sustainable means
being what we’ve always been
It’s not a fashion.

We like to put it like this: beauty must be sustainable in order to conserve beauty. This is a virtuous circle that we’ve decided to support by adopting a strategy of sustainability that inspires all our choices. An idea of sustainability that can’t do without beauty, and an idea of beauty that can’t do without sustainability:

in a word sustainabeauty, the neologism we’ve coined to express this connection.


As a B Corp company that aims at being Carbon Neutral by 2030, we want to do things properly and be genuinely sustainable in every way.
We create shopfittings, and in spite of the difficulty of estimating the impact of a custom product, we’ve chosen to commit ourselves to generating value and beauty.
Sustainability is the driving force that guides our every decision,
and the journey on which we want to accompany those luxury brands that choose to join us.


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