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We guide our clients
in designing retail spaces
with our services.
And a special method.

Our clients grow shaping

retail spaces, customized boutiques and shopfittings

that are beautiful and sustainable. We support them along their whole visionary journey, accompanying them in the process of designing and creating their store and reducing their environmental impact.
We guide the startup and development of the most prestigious shops and locations in the world, helping them to take shape in the streets of luxury fashion, in the shopping malls, airports and cruise ships. This could be called a “mission impossible”, but we prefer to call it strategy, planning and good execution.
This is how we support our clients:
The offer system:
We support our clients in designing attractive and sustainable store concepts, studying solutions that meet aesthetic/functional/environmental impact requirements in line with the client Brand positioning and leveraging our more-than-sixty-years experience in making.
Icona consulenza realizzazione di concept sostenibili

Defining guidelines for the realization of sustainable concepts.

We define sustainability criteria and related goals together with the client, combining them with aesthetic, planning and budget needs.

  • Defining sustainability criteria
  • Assistance in dealing with building certification systems
  • Carbon footprint analysis on the Concept
  • Creation of database related to sustainable materials/scouting and local sourcing
  • Assistance on defining criteria for low VOC emissions
  • Application of circular economy principles
Icona progettazione sistemi di arredo sostenibili

Designing sustainable furnishing systems.

We help our clients in finding technical solutions and materials to achieve the best result in terms of quality excellence and lower environmental impact.

  • Materials with low VOC emission
  • Materials with low GHG/Co2e impact
  • Design for disassembly/end-of-life/reuse and recycling
  • Artifact weight optimization
  • Design for artifact durability/low maintenance requirements
  • Minimization of material use
  • Energy efficiency electronic components
Icona formazione sui principi di sostenibilità

Training in sustainability principles applied to the luxury retail environment.

We train project managers, CSR managers, retail developers, store planners, and architects on best practices for building stores in line with the latest sustainability standards.

  • Leed
  • Breeam
  • Well
  • CFP furniture
  • Corporate Certifications (BCORP, ISO 9001, Ecovadis, Smeta)
We offer our manufacturing know-how to support the Client in converting a store idea into an attractive, durable and sustainable handcrafted item.
Icona ingegnerizzazione


We make technical drawings and develop construction details for the implementation of industrial production of furniture elements.

  • Research of materials and special processing
  • Technical validation through software
  • Prototyping and mock-up construction
Icona Produzione spazi retail


We produce excellent workmanship through the craftsmanship skills of people in our in-house carpentry, joinery and upholstery departments, and we supplement external expertise with a local and reliable supply chain.

  • Technical and technological know-how
  • Craftsmanship
  • Lean production
  • Local supply chain
  • Certified material tracking systems
  • Waste management
  • Quality control
Icona installazione retail di lusso


We ensure adherence to the highest quality and sustainability standards on time, supervising the installation with competent staff trained in the features of the Client's concept assisted by trusted local partners.

  • Local installer and maintenance partners
  • Zordan-side site manager
  • Tracking of travel emissions (travel + food + lodging)
  • Waste management
Additional services
For us, the closing phase of a project is the starting point of the beginning of the store life, during which we are always at the Client's side to ensure its continued aesthetic/operational functionality.
icona certificazioni ambientali negozi


We certify and/or provide assistance necessary for the Client to achieve certification of the store environmental performance.

  • Leed
  • Breeam
  • Well
  • CFP furniture
  • Corporate Certifications (BCORP, ISO 9001, Ecovadis, Smeta)
icona Manutenzione ed Estensione vita arredi.

Maintenance/Extension of furniture life.

We ensure perfect furniture maintenance through dedicated Service Management Teams that can quickly and effectively resolve periodic or on-call maintenance emergencies of individual furniture items.

  • Access to technical documentation and bill of materials of manufactured furniture to identify components to be used for replacements/breakages
  • Dedicated team to manage maintenance services
  • Local partners for timely assistance
  • Scheduled maintenance service
  • Emergency services
  • Operation and cleaning manual (chemical pollutant-free)
Icona gestione fine vita arredi negozio

End-of-life management.

We manage the end-of-life of furniture with the goal of recovering materials in order to reuse them, direct them for recycling, or dispose of them in the correct way.

  • Quantitative mapping of different materials in the store
  • Furniture disassembly service and breakdown by material
  • Identification of reuse/recycling/disposal items
  • Mapping of entities for proper reuse/recycling/disposal
  • Disassembly and installation service at new location/temporary location

We produce locally.
Also in the U.S.

The presence in the U.S. of one of our branches also allows us to be effective and efficient in the management of overseas projects: from Estimating, to production to after-sales, we can support our clients in every phase and, if necessary, we also support the implementation phase with our European supply chain.

Make your project greener

In-store air quality, reducing emissions, purchasing certified materials. Thanks to its decades of experience in the field, Zordan supports luxury brands in pursuing sustainability targets, while responding to the needs of an increasingly attentive and conscious customer.
mappamondo servizi progettazione retail

Our organitazional 

The retail spaces we create are built with knowledge and expertise. To do this we have a specialized in-house team, working with a number of trusted partnerships to accomplish what we cannot do in-house: we work together with more than 200 suppliers, trusted partners to whom we delegate many processes of joinery, carpentry and logistics services.
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