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We’re a team of visionary spirits who’ve decided to respond to the complexities of the market by becoming a company oriented towards the future. We like to describe ourselves as future-proof. We believe that in order to achieve this it’s necessary to have a new organizational model that’s forward-looking and able to put in first place people, their skills and their personal inclinations.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to help us to face the future? If you do, come forward, we need people like you.

This is what we offer:

Ongoing training
We actively invest in our professional growth, with personalized training programs. You can also take up the challenge of an international experience, with the opportunity to work in the team at our American branch. Joining Zordan means widening your horizons, acquiring new skills, staying up to date.
Zordan supports smart working and flexible work hours. We do this to promote a healthy work-life balance, and to accompany each person in the raising of their own family, and not only on their professional path.
Company welfare
We foster the well-being of families with a substantial fund for sport, education, holidays and other elements of private life. Promoting a work-life balance is a priority of ours.

We've also founded an Academy, did you know? 

The Zordan Academy is a three-day workshop open to young people between the ages of 19 and 26 years who are enthusiastic about trying the experience of building a piece of furniture. It’s a way to get to know from the inside the various production skills, and perhaps to start your career.

Three days of theoretical and practical lessons with designers, technicians and master craftspeople, to put yourself to the test.
Accademia zordan
At the end of the workshop, two young people will be chosen to start their careerpath in Zordan.
The program of the Academy is made up of a day of theory lessons, including design and testing, and two days of practical lessons with a tutor carrying out the project. The theory lessons will be done together with the architects, designers and makers of Izmade.
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