company values

We believe in people, in the fact that they are unique and can make a unique contribution: hence we respect the work of all. We want every detail to make a difference. And it is for this reason that we work with passion and care. We create beauty that is sustainable, adding our values to yours.

Beauty is an inherent human quality, expressed in creating harmony in thoughts, actions, and relations.
We believe in sustainable business, that uses its power to have a positive impact on the environment and creates an interdependent relationship within the local community.
We share the success of every day with colleagues, as in a family, by focusing on the creation of a fair work-life balance.
A nimble, flexible approach fosters innovative solutions and versatile service provision. The client is always at the centre of our concerns.
We keep up-to-date with regular training and refresher courses, as well as courses to further hone our specialist skills. We are convinced that skills foster dialogue, reduce inefficiency and stimulate competitive distinction.
Listening to clients. This is the starting point for all our work.
Enthusiasm and passion accompany us in every project and in every detail. Because we love what we do.
Reliability is the basis of our beliefs: every evaluation, each action, each decision is pondered. Luxury is silence, something you can count on.

growth model

Over the years, we have refined our growth model to the extent of becoming the ideal blend of a production and a contract company.

This enables us to provide the advantages of both types of company: on the one hand, flexibility and relative invulnerability to oscillations in the market; on the other, maintaining skills and the ability to test and accept the challenges of complexity.

With this blend, we can draw on the work of two internal production facilities and a network of external suppliers. We have about 280 suppliers, around 32% in woodwork, 25% in logistics but managed by the Zordan Group, and 20% in metalwork.

The network fosters continuous exchange and the trading of know-how. And the Zordan Group, as head of the process, guarantees the highest standards of production quality, transferring management skills to colleagues.




from 2018 to 2019 +4,5%
from 2014 to 2019 +70%
EBITDA from 2014 to 2019 +50%

market composition in 2019

Middle East
North America
Rest of the world

production process

Our production process enables the optimum management of work flows. Our management process – including internal and external activities – follows a precise path, illustrated below.

Currently, there are 52 people in the company, including 25 factory workers. The Group also provides work to 40 carpenters and 40 metal workers.

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what they say about us

"It was a fluid collaboration, without any difficulties whatsoever, on the contrary, we were very pleased with the support and the encouragement we received from the team.”
“I am very satisfied with the collaboration and the synergy established with the technical department of Zordan. It is rare to find interlocutors with whom to exchange the different points of view on the development of a project, not only aesthetic, but characterized by a certain technological complexity”
“I very much appreciated the work done by Zordan as general contractor; they were precise, reliable in deliveries and work schedules, impeccable in solving problems and handled bureaucracy simply: overall, they were extremely professional.”
"I've been collaborating with Zordan Tailor-made Interiors for more than 25 years and I have always appreciated the way each work is faced and the passion transmitted. Often it happens that I carry out projects of custom furniture, but there are few joineries able to be such proactive and such attentive to every detail as this one."