a well-designed success

Flagship store, exclusive stores in prestige High Streets, luxury malls, airports and cruise ships: where practical design meets the emotion of aesthetics.

the luxury of well-crafted quality

Every product is made with Italian craftsmanship, shipped to destination and assembled with care. Taking with it a little of our history and tradition.

a voice and a face to count on

Project Managers and the entire team are by your side as you make the best technical choices to meet your specific needs.

retail without boundaries

We help luxury brands to expand and renew their presence in the world, through quality Italian craftsmanship, an eye or detail and 50 years of experience.

cruise ships
exclusive stores in prestige high streets
luxury malls

specific services

Choosing Zordan mono-brand shopfitting means you can count on the skills of expert project managers throughout the management process. A genuine “right-hand man” able to quickly solve problems if and when they arise. Zordan, your stable point of reference in continuous motion.

Submitting quotations
Dedicated Project Manager
Quotations submitted within 7 days
Development of samples and aesthetic-functional proposals
Order acknowledgement and contract
Coordination of internal and external activities
Engineering of the drawing provided by the client
Bill of materials
Procurement of materials
Production of certified materials (fireproofing, slip-resistance, environmental certificates, etc.)
Processing with production partners: woodwork, carpentry, glass-making, furnishings, graphics, special processing
Made-to-measure packing
Packaging with internal protective linings
Specialist personal support for Customs documentation
Management of logistics for shipment with own vehicles or international carriers by ship, air or road
Management of storage on site, authorization for access, plant, air-conditioning, painting, the installation of security services and drywall
Cleaning on site
Provision of technical data sheets and certification documents for building materials
Map of our sites worldwide, available in a reserved area
Works schedule
Furniture and finishing guaranteed from 12 to 24 months



Our team: your right-hand man. We have always worked to achieve your aims: a client’s needs are a challenge we are happy to accept. That means listening, understanding, helping and sharing the burden of work, identifying ideal solutions: our modus operandi. We base our growth on the solid and strong values of tradition, including human values. A belief in people creates trust in relations. It means investing in resources that bring to the company experience, a personal history and a certain way of being.

  • Giuseppe Caruso
      Giuseppe Carusoproject manager
    • Paolo Cattani
        Paolo Cattaniproject manager
      • Michela De Forni
          Michela De Forniadministration
        • Filippo Ferracin
            Filippo Ferracintechnical designer
          • Filippo Gasparini
              Filippo GaspariniHead of Joinery Department
            • Marianna Magagnin
                Marianna Magagninproject manager
              • Paolo Pajusco
                  Paolo Pajuscoplanner
                • Roberto Pasetto
                    Roberto Pasettotechnical designer
                  • Alessia Sandri
                      Alessia Sandribuyer
                    • Daniela Segato
                        Daniela Segatomanufacturing assistant
                      • Simone Tomasi
                          Simone Tomasitechnical designer
                        • Roberto Vaccaretti
                            Roberto Vaccarettitechnical designer
                          • Fabrizio Bedin
                              Fabrizio Bedinmanufacturing manager
                            • Stefano Ignesti
                                Stefano Ignestigroup cfo
                              • Matteo Marin
                                  Matteo Marinsales manager
                                • Marco Randon
                                    Marco Randoncontroller - ICT - planning
                                  • Marta Zordan
                                      Marta ZordanCFO
                                    • Alfredo Zordan
                                        Alfredo ZordanCCO
                                      • Maurizio Zordan
                                          Maurizio ZordanCEO


                                        Including production and safeguarding the environment. Sustainable quality.


                                        Creating beauty means inventing harmonious shapes and choosing the most surprising materials, putting them together with master craftsmanship. An eye attentive to the essence of the finished product cannot fail to be attracted by its quality.
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