Attic, private home in Milan

Anno: 2005
Metri quadrati:  360 m2
Design by: Arch. Corrado Carollo
Servizi: engineering, production, installation.

A succession of metallic silver reflections, soothed by the natural and luminous hues of the furniture in varnished oak, with a large grain, ivory coloured, with other items o furniture in wenge: these are the shades chosen by the architect Corrado Carollo for the renovation of an attic in the centre of Milan.

The colour scheme was dictated by the client’s choice of furniture in natural colours, a modern pared-back design, but with a strong personality. Zordan tailor-made interiors turned these wishes into reality, designing made-to-measure items to meet the client’s needs. Special care was taken with the acoustics: the entire attic was furnished as if with a connecting fabric running throughout the interior. The most complex job was the bookcase for the living room: with a unique “S” shape, it winds its way through the apartment, with its magical colours.


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